Laser Hair Removal Patch Prices

Clear Medical Laser Hair Removal Missed Spots Prices

Laser Hair Removal Missed Spots

At Clear Medical, we have met many individuals whom have had laser hair removal missed spot treatment on large body areas. Sometimes the clinic they had it done at, may not have have been thorough. It has been an issue with stubborn patches of hair or random growth to price consistently. We have come up with a fair solution.

Patchy Hair Growth

There many be reasons for patchy hair growth:

  • As described previously, there may be areas which have stronger follicles.
  • Treatments carried out at other clinics may not cover the area properly.
  • Lengthening of treatment intervals, alongside excessive self hair removal in between.
  • Utilising systems which are inefficient or administration of the wrong settings.
Number of ShotsPrice
1 - 50£50
100 - 150£60
150 - 200£65
200 - 250£70
250 - 300£75
300 - 350 £80
350 - 400£85
400 - 450£90
450 - 500£95

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