Organic Lavender Water 250ml


Calms skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties

Helps soothe and balance the skin cell environment

Sourced from British lavender water farms

100% natural – additive-free

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Organic Lavender Water 250ml

We have sourced 100% natural, additive-free lavender water for you to enjoy at its best.

It is antibacterial and does not clog pores, therefore it can be good for skin with mild acne. It can be used as a cleanser and dues to its naturally occurring micronutrients, it will nourish your skin as you do.

Soothing burns and cuts as well as itchy scalps. Lavender water has been thought to also help with the incidence of alopecia also by calming and soothing the scalp.

We recommend sealing the skin after use with our Tone and Defence Skin Oil which helps prevent moisture loss and provides nutrients to the outer skin layer. Available in 5ml samples, 30ml, and 250ml sizes.



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