Odylique SPF 30


  • Contains soothing raw shea butter and Chamomile.
  • Non-comedogenic and rich in fatty acids, thanks to Jojoba wax.
  • 76% certified organic and 20% mineral.
  • Nourishes the skin with Karanja oil, Sea buckthorn extracts and rosemary.
  • Doesn’t contain water.
  • Available in 50g size (£15) and 100g (£25).

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Mineral sunscreen suitable for the most sensitive skins

We are proud to introduce a sun cream formulation that is as kind, protective, and natural as possible. It has been independently tested to verify its sun-protective efficacy.

How to use: On clean and dry skin, apply a small pea size amount over the whole face and neck. Be delicate with the application and delicately wipe as it absorbs. Please reapply after washing/swimming. If you are undergoing sun exposure for prolonged periods, we would advise you to reapply every few hours in the heat of our summer months.

Note: If the sunscreen comes into contact with white clothing, it may leave a residue. So please apply a little detergent to the clothing directly before washing.

The packaging is 100% recyclable. Glass jar and aluminium lid.


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