Skin Treatments

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Skin Treatments

Our skin is a living organ. It reflects what’s happening inside and outside our bodies, reacting to the internal and external environments we expose ourselves to. Furthermore, the skin is a shield to prevent impurities and toxic chemicals from entering our biological systems. Changes can happen suddenly, or over some time, and on occasion, it may result from something that seems insignificant but can have a lasting impact on our skin.

Skin Treatment Clinic Ethics

At Clear Medical, we believe that our skin should be nurtured and cared for sustainably.

Our mission statement:

  • Firstly, we want to work with you and achieve the best aesthetic outcome from our treatments.
  • Not to promote short-term fixes.
  • Never offer services that may pose potential risks to the long-term health of your skin.
  • Always ensure our treatments give our clients radiant, fortified and healthy skin.
  • Listen and advise clients of realistic possibilities.
  • Provide treatments with attention to detail.

Additionally, we are proud to provide Skin Treatment Pricing per cm²uniquely. This ensures that the pricing is concise, consistent, and fair at Clear Medical skin treatment clinic.

We offer treatments & advice for:

1. Skin Ageing

2. Imperfections

3. Skin Conditions

You may not know which skin treatment is best to help with your concern. However, our responsibility is to assess your suitability for skin treatments and advise you accordingly with our expertise.

Clear Medical Skin Hair & Body Clinic skin treatmentsOur Promise

  • To advise with respect and reserve the right to refuse treatment in cases where it isn’t required.
  • Be patient with treatments to ensure that they are carried out safely.
  • To continually learn and share knowledge, so that more informed decisions are made about the products and services we offer.
  • Care for our clients prior to any interest in their money to increase profits.
  • To offer natural approaches, that do not risk long term health and wellbeing.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.