Tone & Defence Formula 5ml Sample


Also Available in 30ml and 200ml sizes

  • Opportunity to try our unique formulation.
  • Avocado oil and essential oils for skin health and environmental protection
  • The only 100% natural moisturiser you will need
  • Ethical skin care
  • Suitable for face or body and all skin types

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Natural Ethical Skin Care Product

Clear Medical’s Tone and Defence Formula Skin Oil is available for you to try before you buy. Many clients buy this 5ml sample size as a gift so that they may share their natural ethical skin care product with their friends and family. Also, it is a good option if you are looking to try our skin oil but the idea of replacing your chemical mosituriser seems daunting.

Fits In Your Pocket

We believe our This pocket size bottle can also be kept in you handbag or taken with you whilst travelling; this ensures you always have your favourite skin oil to hand.


Each bottle contains 5ml of our Tone & Defence Skin Oil in its purest form. The bottle should last you two weeks of application if used twice a day. A small amount goes a long way, apply a drop to facial skin immediately after washing. Dry the skin with a towel and then apply, when pores are open for best absorption. Less is more, apply another drop as you require ensuring a non-greasy look.

Ethical Skin Care

Your Tone and Defence Formula consists of only avocado oil and essential oils.


  • Water – we are lucky enough to get that out of our taps
  • Ingredients that have undergone cheap extraction methods to damage nutrients
  • Preservatives – to enhance shelf life
  • Humectants – that long term cause drying of the skin
  • Artificial colours – for saleabilty
  • Added perfumes – for saleability
  • Silicones – to enhance the feel of the product
  • Thickeners or stabilisers – that help keep the concoction of chemicals together

Can you safely say that your moisturiser is ethical? Undoubtedly, we all want a product that enhances our skin and the additional benefit that you get with the Tone and Defence Formula skin oil is that it is safe.

Packaging – Reduce & Reuse

We also do not have fancy packaging that is harmful. Our aim is to reduce environmental impact from our consumer habits. Your Tone and Defence Formula skin oil will arrive in a 5ml lab vile, which is reusable or 100% recylable in your household plastics.

The Tone and Defence Skin Formula skin oil is also available in 30ml and 200ml sizes.

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