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Hair Removal Methods

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Hair Removal Methods

Considering hair removal methods is something that most individuals at some point have to think about. Waxing, bleaching hair, threading, sugaring, shaving and laser – what to do? Using knowledge and experience gained from science, healthcare, holistic therapies and beauty therapy we have put together some information about alternative methods of hair removal. We want you to make the best choice for yourself.

Bleaching Hair

This is not a method of removal but a way of removing the pigment (bleaching hair) within the follicles temporarily, so they’re no longer visible. It is particularly common to be used on the face by many women. Over time the user will cause follicles to strengthen, thicken and lengthen. In some cases, hairs become quite resilient to milder bleaching agents and require a longer procedure or strength. In the long term, the bleaching hair will damage the skin. This is due to collagen and elastin fibres production reducing, speeding up premature ageing. We do not provide or promote these hair removal methods as a result.


Electrolysis involves a needle passing a current down the shaft of the hair follicle to damage it. Trained therapists target single hairs but the efficiency is not guaranteed due to the precise nature of the treatment. The risk of surface scarring to the client is also a lot higher depending on their susceptibilities. Therefore, we do not provide or promote this treatment. In some cases, sadly this is the only option when trying to find hair removal methods for white hair.


Sadly as many have learnt, this is a temporary method where hairs are pulled individually by tweezers. Plucking can cause thickening and stimulation of growth in some individuals, and also ingrown hairs and/or scarring. Over time this can accelerate the rate of hair growth which most people are unaware of. Therefore, we do not provide or promote this treatment.


This is a popular hair removal method that is time-consuming. Shaving causes thickening of the hair and sometimes irritation of the skin. As with waxing some individuals may observe ingrown hairs. Due to this, we do not promote this treatment as a result – especially wet shaving. Although, this is the commonest one of the most well-known hair removal methods doing it daily/often is damaging to the skin.


Threading is a process using 100% cotton thread to remove hairs in a line. This procedure should include pulling in the direction of the hair growth and is similar to plucking. Therefore is another form of epilation.  There is less likelihood of irritation to the skin than a tweezer or waxing. However, sensitive skin can be subject to redness due to the friction against the skin. Ingrown hair is often the result of the threading of thicker hairs. Currently many choose this method for treating white or blonde hairs, however, there is a risk of the hairs thickening.


Waxing, threading and plucking are all forms of epilation.
What about waxing?

These are temporary methods in which hairs will grow back at variable rates depending on the individual. The hairs need to be fully grown prior to your session for the best results. We do not offer these treatments as they can cause stretching, surface damage, pigmentation, and damage to the skin. One in three people may observe thickening of the hairs. The hair may also grow into the hair shaft causing them to become ingrown (sometimes painful) if the hairs are pulled against the direction of growth. Possible scarring may result as a consequence. We do not provide or promote this treatment.

For more information on hair removal please read our article ‘How To Treat Unwanted Hair‘.

Laser Hair Removal Is The Winner

At Clear Medical we carry out many laser hair removal treatments. They are on various parts of the skin, all over the body. We notice the difference in the lifestyle of our clients in terms of time and confidence. No need for various hair removal methods, simply allow our practitioners to treat you to smooth skin forever. Many clients say it’s one of the best decisions they have ever made!

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.