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Honey Facial DIY Skin Treat

Natural Honey Facial -Clear Medical

Easy Honey Facial Skin Treatment

The honey facial can treat eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, skin rashes and many more skin problems. Additionally, you can carry it out on any area of the body and easy to do in the shower for a treat. Skin conditions should have the honey applied on a daily basis as due to the disease, the skin may be lacking nourishment. Although the results are seen they will be slower than topical ointments and they will be more lasting.

A Short History of Honey

Cleopatra bathed in honey and was said to be one of the most radiant women of all time. Also, Alexander the Great and King Agesipolis I of ancient Sparta were immersed in honey, for preservation prior to burial.  Honey is renown throughout history, due to its beneficial healing properties, giving longevity of life and preventing disease. It is anti-inflammatory and 100% natural. It contains many bio-genetic stimulants which increase bodily activity. Obviously, efficient body mechanisms result in a healthy body and this reflection is seen in the appearance of the skin. Its therapeutic properties are rarely used in the modern world due to a lack of knowledge about its benefits.

My Honey Is Ready! What Do I Do Now For My Facial?

1 Tie your hair back away from your face using a headband.

2 Wash your face with mild soap and use cotton pads with water afterwards to ensure your skin is clean.

3 Use the cotton pads to drench the skin with warm water and apply a tablespoon of honey to your face. Mixing honey with water creates an emulsion that isn’t sticky. Add more water to your face if the honey is too thick to allow even coverage.

4 Massage in small clockwise circular motions (for nutrients absorption) or simply leave on.

5 Wash off after 10 – 1 5 minutes.

6 Finally, to complete your honey facial, hydrate with a good barrier cream/oil (we recommend Clear Medical Tone and Defence Formula Skin Oil). If you want, you can repeat this regime daily, weekly or monthly.

Honey is well renown for its beneficial healing properties and association with longevity of life.

What Does Honey Contain?

Honey contains glucose and levulose. It has many substances which are essential for normal bodily function – enzymes diastase (amylase), invertase, catalase, peroxidase and lipase. Particularly crucial, honey has one of the highest enzymatic activities of any food source. It also contains calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, chlorine, phosphorus and sulphur and iodine salts. Some kinds of honey also have radium. There are similar mineral salt concentrations to natural blood serum. It includes traces of salts such as manganese, silicon, aluminium, boron, chromium, copper, lithium, nickel, lead, tin, titanium, zinc and osmium.

Mineral salts are essential for the maintenance of a healthy body and diets lacking in them can result in disease. Darker honey contains more mineral salts than lighter coloured kinds of honey. Organic acids (malic, tartaric, citric, lactic, oxalic), proteins, vitamins (B2, B6, H, K and C), derivatives of chlorophyll, xanthophyll are also present in honey. Honey contains growth factors which are an essential requirement in the cell renewal process.

The wonderful, inexpensive honey facial treat, that you carry out at home will benefit your skin health. Above all, over the counter facial treatments cannot compare. Enjoy!

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