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Heal Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles

Clear Medical how to treat puffy eyes and dark circles

Add Circulation To Delicate Skin!

Firstly, eye creams can sometimes make puffy eyes and dark circles worse. Due to the delicate eye area not having a rich blood supply in comparison to other facial areas. This means that the skin is more sensitive to manufactured chemicals. The results of hydrating the skin are also slower as the cell renewal process takes a long time.

Causes Of Eye Problems

These can be the result of a lack of sleep or due to genetic factors; a good diet and sleep will help. Techniques to aid blood circulation are noted below and can be done morning and night as part of your skincare regime. This technique also ensures good health of the eyes by aiding toxin removal from the area. Puffy eyes and dark circles are not something you have to live with. There is a natural remedy for them!

What Do I Do Now?

You can see results with a Natural Skin Oil such as Clear Medical Tone and Defence Formula using the following method:

eye massage - Clear MedicalSteps

1 Sit relaxed in a comfortable position.
2 Place your middle and index fingers together on the upper bridge of your nose.
3 Move your fingertips outward toward your temples; apply gentle pressure just below your brow bones and above your eyelids. Do not apply any pressure directly on your eyelids, just slightly above them along the hard, bony area. (See image above)
4 As you reach your temples, massage for a few moments in a circular motion.
5 Do the same thing along the bony portion just below your eyes, working outward toward your temples. When you reach your temples, again massage in a circular motion.

Please Note: Do not apply any pressure to your eyelids or eyeballs when massaging.

Puffy eyes and dark circles are not something you have to live with.
There is a natural remedy for them!

Final Thought

We recommend using the Clear Medical Skin and Eye Tonic on a regular basis to help soothe and hydrate the eye area. Or skin clinic in Manchester offers treatments to firm and lift the cheek area and treat wrinkles around the eye area.

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