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Acne Manuka Honey Mask

Acne Manuka Honey Mask

Skin & Health With Manuka Honey

Have you ever thought about using Manuka honey on skin for various benefits. We recommend the use of a honey facial for all types of skin, due to its natural enzymatic activity and hydrating capabilities. Manuka honey is an antimicrobial “super” honey.  Use for infections, healing wounds and acne control, when used topically on the skin. Eating this special honey increases the health of the digestive tract and therefore can help regulate associated disorders.

History of Manuka Honey

First discovered in 1981, when properties of honey made from the Manuka flower was under investigation. Researchers at the University of Waikato in New Zealand clarified that the Manuka Honey was beneficial to wounds, for digestive care and supports a healthy immune system.  The UMF grade depends on the level of activity in the Manuka Honey

What the UMF?

UMF stands for unique manuka factor. The UMF is a protein that gives the activity of antimicrobial biological harmony. The grading is as a result of/relative to the measurement of the activity or strength. Initially, levels of UMF 120 and 90 were readily available. Although due to ecological and cultivation factors, in recent years it is quite difficult to readily buy over UMF 40, over the counter in the UK. In 2017 a UMF of 15+ is more commonly available.

Where Should I Buy My Honey?

The best place to buy honey is from a reputable source. We recommend a New Zealand brand and smaller company. Also, UMF activity degradation occurs due to UV exposure. This means you should purchase the honey within a dark jar, so that it is active. Sadly some manufacturers have not spoken to scientists for the type of packaging to use for their manuka. Also, after use, it is essential that you replace the lid quickly to ensure quality and not left in direct sunlight.

Manuka Honey Mask for Your Skin

Due to honey having natural moisturising properties it can be used as a manuka honey mask. Many of our clients are impressed by our DIY honey home facial; it is cost effective, easy and has beneficial skin care. Manuka honey and its unique manuka factor gives honey additional antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Acne Manuka Honey Mask

Using manuka honey as a mask is beneficial for healing inflammations. In mild cases or spots or outbreaks, the higher UMF honeys can help reduce or completely irradicate the inflammations. This is due to the antibacterial and wound healing capabilities of the UMF protein. Also, the best bit, there are no side effects other than soft smooth skin. For instructions on how to apply the acne manuka honey mask, please refer to our honey facial and follow the instructions as you would with any other honey mask.

Please note if you require treatment for severe acne, we offer light therapy at our Manchester clinic.

Pregnancy & Acne

Manuka honey as outlined in our honey facial is what we advise for the treatment or care of acne during pregnancy. When pregnant, many are extremely cautious about diet and general health. We advise our clients to take care of chemical intake via their skin also. We do not advise any skin treatment to be undertaken or to apply harsh products if you are pregnant,

Overall Health Benefits

Consuming Manuka honey on a daily basis, can relieve digestive tract disorders including IBS, acid reflux and constipation. With rich diets and busy lifestyles many can find that increase in dietary health can be beneficial. This is due to the antimicrobial effects and soothing effects of internal body tissue. Also, its nice to know that honey is natually the highest enzymic food source.

Finally, manuka honey is good for healing severe skin wounds, spots and for your digestive health.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.