Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Clear Medical Hair Removal Case Studies

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Do you want to understand laser hair removal before and after treatment? We have put together some case studies for you to look at.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Case Studies

Before and after laser hair removal on chin - Clear MedicalThis client initially had a few hairs on her chin and plucked them out. Over the years, she noticed the number of hairs had increased. She resorted to shaving the area, and as she did this, the hair began to grow faster, and shadowing within her skin was still visible due to the thick nature of the hair. When she came to Clear Medical, she had been shaving daily. After several treatments, she had no more growth. Following her second treatment, the need to shave had stopped. It increased her confidence and saved her much more time in the mornings.

Before and after ingrown hairs laser treatment - Clear MedicalAfter the birth of this client’s first child, she noticed a lot of hair growth on her chin. She resorted to waxing, which helped her initially in the short term. Over the years, however, she noticed the hair’s rate and thickness had increased. She also experienced ingrown hairs, which occur when hairs are pulled against the direction of growth. The ingrown hairs caused shading and discolouration of her skin and greatly annoyed her. Initially, she was sceptical about IPL/Laser as a solution, but after a friend recommended Clear Medical, this soon changed. After six treatments, her hair was drastically reduced, and she was in disbelief that it had worked.

Hair_growth_on_ears_case_study_pic_03This Asian male had a recurring problem of hair growth on his ears. He had gone to the barbers for years and eventually resorted to plucking. Understandably, this was time-consuming and extremely painful. Clear Medical advised him on the treatments we could offer, and five sessions later, he had no more growth for months. At his consultation, we informed him that it wouldn’t have been possible to treat them if they had turned grey like his body hair.


Previously, this client was having her threading on her eyebrows. The beautician made an offer to remove the fine, fluffy hairs that were visible on her cheeks, and she gave consent. She didn’t know that the hairs would likely grow back thicker, longer and more robust. She had spent time searching for a solution to the problem as she was devastated. After several treatments with Clear Medical, her hair growth receded and eventually stopped. She was delighted that the treatment was a success.

Body Laser Hair Removal Before and After

before and after underarm laser hair removal

As a teacher in a warm classroom, it was pretty standard for this lady to shave her underarms every day. She knew that teenagers can be quite observant when she wrote on the whiteboard. Having had six treatments with Clear Medical, she doesn’t have to do anything to the area other than hydrate. She feels confident now and can teach without any embarrassment!


before and after bikini laser hair removal - Clear MedicalThis client would always book herself into a waxing salon before she travelled to a sunny destination or when she was going to the gym. Clear Medical gave her five treatments, and now her partner, the women in the gym and fellow tourists can’t see a thing on her bikini line. Having one less thing to worry about has made a world of difference in her life.



before and after laser hair removal on back - Clear Medical

In his youth, this client was quite athletic, but with less time, weight gain and bad lifestyle habits. He wants to return to his training regime but wouldn’t put on a vest due to embarrassment. He had four sessions at Clear Medical and was so happy with the reduced hair on his back. His increased confidence when he returned to the gym meant he was happy to put on a vest!


Before and after laser hair removal on legs - Clear Medical

This client didn’t have time with four children and a job to wax or shave her legs. She decided she needed to make time to do something about it finally. She had seven sessions at Clear Medical and is delighted that she doesn’t need to worry about her legs.

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