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Reasons We Do Not Offer Botox and Injectable Fillers

Over the years, many doctors and nurses have wanted to offer botox or injectable fillers at our clinic. Although the treatment practice is well-known in the UK market, we always refuse to accommodate the idea. In October 2010, deregulation by the Care Quality Commission concerning Botox and injectable fillers was shocking. We have seen manufacturers and suppliers enter salons, mobile businesses, dentists, tattooists and even opticians.

1. The Ingredients Are Unhealthy

As we age, collagen and elastin production diminishes. When injection of botox and fillers happens in the skin, they cause further stretching to achieve the most desirable aesthetic outcome. The ingredients found in these products are not all-natural and contain toxins that lead to adverse long-term complications.

2. The Overall Biological Process Is Unsafe

Observations illustrate that an individual’s skin composition can vary (depending on the time of day, state of mind, time of month and lifestyle). Sadly, this consideration isn’t a priority when offering injectable fillers. This can lead to difficulties for the individual when receiving the treatment. Sometimes, it includes irreversible toxicity and reduced natural collagen and elastin production due to decreased metabolic health of tissues and reduced blood circulation.

3. The Results Are Unnatural

After many sessions, chemical injections can usually increase quite considerably. The skin stretches to a point where its elasticity is worse than initially contemplated.

The long term risk is not worth the short term fix.

Therefore, the reason we do not offer Botox or injectable fillers is that the long-term effects go against our ethos. Due to seeing many clients on referral and post-procedure, the consistent comment is that their skin is worse than before treatment. The anti-ageing treatments we provide are 100% safe, and you can rest assured that the long-term health of your skin is our primary concern. Our treatments will give you better results without the risk and with your natural-looking appearance.

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