Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser hair removal prices - Clear Medical Clinic Chorlton Manchester

Laser Hair Removal Prices

We aim to offer clients laser hair removal prices which are clear, competitive and consistent. Therefore prices differ for men and women, this is also dependant on size and build to be fair. We also offer a 10% discount if you pay for six sessions in advance. Below is an idea of our pricing, for accuracy please feel free to arrange a free consultation. Our prices start from £50.

Laser Hair Removal Price List

The table below illustrates the laser hair removal prices for different areas of the body that we treat. If you have an area which is not listed here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Treatment Area Women Men Women Men
Full Face £140 £120 £756 £648
Upper Lip £50 n/a £270 n/a
Chin £55 n/a £297 n/a
Ears £50 £65 £270 £351
Mid Brow £55 £55 £297 £297
Cheeks n/a £75 n/a £405
Sideburns £80 n/a £432 n/a
Front Neck £80 £100 £432 £540
Back Neck £80 £100 £432 £540
Upper Front Torso £120 £175 £648 £945
Full Chest n/a £275 n/a £1,485
Full Back £160 £275 £864 £1,485
Breasts £120 n/a £648 n/a
Nipples £80 n/a £432 n/a
Full Stomach £120 £200 £648 £1,080
Navel From £50 n/a From £270 n/a
Lower Abdomen £75 n/a £405 n/a
Bikini Line From £50 n/a From £270 n/a
Brazilian From £100 n/a From £540 n/a
Upper Arms £120 £160 £648 £864
Forearms £100 £140 £540 £756
Hands £60 £70 £324 £378
Fingers £45 £55 £243 £297
Under Arms £70 £85 £378 £459
Buttocks £120 £120 £648 £648
Forelegs £160 £200 £864 £1,080
Thighs £180 £250 £972 £1,350
Knees £80 £95 £432 £513
Full Leg £250 £350 £1,350 £1,890
Feet £60 £70 £324 £378
Toes £55 £55 £297 £297

Hair Removal Area

This gives a brief description of what we can include for a specific area as above in the laser hair removal prices.

Treatment Area Description of Area Covered
Full Face Any area required over the full face to the nape of the neck
Upper Lip Area above lip and under the lip line if required
Chin Area above and below the chin to include the lip and neck
Ears The ear lobes – any area required
Mid Brow The middle of the eyebrow at the top of the nose bridge
Cheeks The area around the cheekbone on both cheeks
Sideburns The area directly under the sideburns, including the cheek area to the neck
Front Neck The complete front neck area to where ears align to collarbone
Back Neck The complete back neck area to where ears align up to the back
Upper Front Torso Area from the collarbone excl. shoulders to the chest area
Full Chest Area from collarbone to below breasts
Full Back From crease of the back neck to trouser line
Breasts Breast area only – both breasts
Nipples The area around and over the nipples – both nipples
Full Stomach The abdominal area from under breasts to knicker line
Navel The area around your belly button
Lower Abdomen The area from the belly button to the top of a bikini line.
Bikini Line The area outside a bikini over upper thighs only
Brazilian The full female genital area
Upper Arms The area from the elbow to shoulder – both arms
Forearms The area from wrist to elbow – both arms
Hands The area on the back of the hand from wrist – both hands
Fingers All fingers
Under Arms Under arm area – both underarms
Buttocks From trouser line to hip – both buttocks
Forelegs From under the knee to the ankle – both legs
Thighs Above knee to the ankles – both legs
Knees The area over knees – both legs
Full Leg From bikini line to ankle – both legs
Feet From ankle up to toes – both feet
Toes All toes

We pride ourselves on ensuring the coverage of all areas with care. Therefore, the treatment is as effective as possible. Also, we always allocate and advise you of sufficient timings of treatments to ensure that there is no rush.

Laser Hair Removal Prices for Patches or Missed Areas

We often have clients visit our clinic whom:

  • Have needed sporadic areas of hair that don’t cover the whole area.
  • Attended another clinic and didn’t receive accurate area coverage.
  • Want unique areas of hair removal i.e. a section of a thigh, chest hair tailoring.

Due to our appreciation that everyone is different and our aim to provide ethical pricing, we have alternate patch pricing. During a consultation, our therapist can quote you accurately.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.