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Reiki Mind Balancing Principles

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Can It Improve My Health?

Yes. Reiki was founded in Japan by Mikao Usui (1865-1926) and since his death has risen to become a discipline which has become extremely popular.  Understanding Reiki means going towards the path of righteousness and training oneself to improve the state of mind and body. It is a combination of psychological balancing techniques and physical exercises.

There are two main elements of Reiki. One involves the mind and the other targets the body. First, Gokai identifies the underlying five principles of psychological balancing which will be discussed here. Second, Byosen leads an individual to become aware of areas of their body that has an accumulation of toxins. This will be discussed in a later article. Now we will outline the principles behind Gokai (psychological balancing) that can benefit your skin, hair, body & mind.

Gokai Principles

The Gokai principles were recited daily morning and night. This is so that they would become foundations at the beginning of the day and a conclusion at the end.

Just For Today
This helps maintain complete freedom of mind because the future hasn’t been decided yet. Life is an accumulation of days, where each day is as equally important as the last. Therefore, live for the moment and appreciate the value of now with a peaceful and clear mind.

Do Not Be Angry
Anger is a negative emotion that hurts others and ourselves. It comes from the ego within all of us. Although we may attempt to justify our anger it cannot be justified. To achieve an emotional balance we must not be angry.

Do Not Be Worried
Have trust! Live life the best that you can and live with peace of mind. Leave everything to the greater energies that will intervene against the lesser. It is difficult since we have a natural instinct to feel anxious, but we can teach ourselves not to react with worry.  Changing the way we think will lead to a happier outlook on life.

Be Grateful
We have life! Without oxygen from nature life would not be possible. When you truly value what nature has provided you will be filled with pure bliss.

Do Your Duties Fully
Duty refers not only to your job, but also your responsibilities to yourself and others. We can learn valuable lessons through our daily lives which can aid our spiritual and mental growth.

Be Kind To Others
Kindness is infectious and when we help others they may feel inclined to do the same. Kindness being in abundance makes the world a better place to live in. Even if the person who has been aided shows no appreciation karma will return the gesture for you. Helping others without expecting reward truly brings happiness.

Understanding Reiki means going towards the path of righteousness and training oneself to improve the state of mind and body.

Practicing Reiki At Home

1. Kneel on the floor in silence to balance body and mind.
2. Place your hands in front of you. Imagine holding cotton in front of your chest, place your palms together.
3. Clear your mind and concentrate on the Gokai/your breathing/nothing.

Final Thought

Reiki is not for everyone, but you may take something from its teaching and evolve as nature intended us to. At Clear Medical we appreciate nature for how it improves the well being of our minds and bodies. We have often experienced better outcomes in treatments when clients follow these guidelines beforehand and afterwards.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.