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Massage Chorlton – Services for Back massage, Foot massage and Full Body Massage

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Holistic Massage Chorlton, Back Massage, Foot Massage or full body Massage in our clean and welcoming clinic. Relieve body and mind tension with the age-old holistic way of healing. Therefore, If you suffer from tension, stress, muscular strain we are here to help. If you want a physical refresh and to feel rejuvenated we can assist. At Clear Medical our therapists have the scientific knowledge and holistic understanding of how the body and mind work in harmony. Also, we know that massage can improve general health and minimise pain by increasing blood circulation to tissues and increase lymphatic drainage. We can all benefit from having a massage and aiding the delivery of nutrients to cells.

Our aim is to treat each client with care, respect and dignity, whilst administering beneficial holistic massage, Chorlton. Since we have been established for over 14 years, we have helped guide clients towards a better outlook on their health and wellbeing. We use our own 100% natural blend of cold-pressed avocado oil, lemongrass, and lavender essential oils to carry out our range of treatments up to full-body massage.

Most people suffer from accumulated tension, having a back massage works by relaxing tense muscles. Emotional upset, anxiety, stress and fear all consequently cause muscles to contract and become taut. Most of us experience this tension in the neck, upper and lower back and hips, although individuals may have their own particular tension spots. Persistent tension causes the muscles to stay contracted. This is due to an in-built cellular memory that we possess. This process means that the muscles become soaked in their own waste products, such as lactic acid. In a lot of cases, this results in pain, impedes function, and prevents freedom or ease of movement.

Our Massage Chorlton Treatment Menu:

30 minutes: £30 (Back Massage, Foot Massage, Arm Massage or Arms and Shoulders can be covered)

40 minutes: £35 (Your choice what you would like)

50 minutes: £40 (Full Body massage)

Finally, we welcome you to arrange a massage treatment, if you would like, please complete the following form.