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How To Sleep Better

How to sleep better Clear Medical

Sleep Quality Is Essential

Sleep is something all living creatures do. The body regenerates itself and no physical or mental activity is carried out. It is essential that an individual’s sleep quality is regular and sufficient depending on the individual’s exertion of their brain or body.

We find that if we do not have adequate sleep, our immune systems are more sensitive. In addition, our mood can be affected, stress and rational thinking is done more erratically and our self-esteem can decrease. In terms of our health and well being, we pose ourselves risks by not resting.

How Do I Have A Good Night Sleep?

  1. Take time out so you can plan what time you need to go to bed.
  2. Set a target to work towards and don’t be harsh on yourself if it doesn’t happen instantly.
  3. Initially, you may need to set a time that is similar to your routine now. This gives you time to adjust your life for the perfect sleep.
  4. Think about your life and priorities; the things which aren’t necessary and what is achievable.
  5. Make sure you have eaten at least 2 hours prior and have settled any conflicts before laying your head on your pillow.
  6. Your phone, laptop, and TV should not be operated or in close proximity to you at least 1 hour before you go to bed.
  7. Write any tasks down you need to complete the following day to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.
  8.  Keep telling yourself ‘Sleep is a priority!’ as it ensures a healthy mind and body.
  9. Ensure you sleep in a comfortable environment with clean sheets, a tidy room and curtains drawn.

You may want to consider having a relaxing bath or shower and blow your nose so you can breathe comfortably.

Depending on the individual it is essential that the quality of their sleep is regular and sufficient. People vary between needing 7 – 9 hours of sleep per day on average.

It’s Time To Sleep – What Now?

  1. Lie on your back, with arms and legs comfortably positioned. Don’t worry if this feels strange as you will naturally adjust when you fall asleep. This is done to allow the maximum amount of oxygen to be taken in.
  2. Reflection, worry, stress, happiness, excitement, passion – these are just a few emotions that we go through. It’s time to empty and stop. For us to fulfill our lives we need to sleep, everything will be easier and we will achieve more. When we are overtired we don’t think clearly and don’t realise the effect our actions and thoughts have on us.
  3. Close your eyes and think it’s my time to renew for tomorrow.
  4. Ensure you are lying comfortably
  5. Focus your mind.
  6. Inhale – take in slow deep breaths through your nose and concentrate on the sensation of cool air flowing in through your nostrils.
  7. Exhale slowly – your belly should rise.
  8. Repeat and focus on your breathing.
  9. If any thoughts (negative or positive) enter your head remember there will always be time to deal with them tomorrow after a peaceful night’s rest – so push them out and continue to focus on deep slow breathing.
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Treat sleep like your friend

Sleep Well!

Due to us having patterns in our habits, it may take time for you to adjust and the key is to try again. You will achieve the sleep pattern you desire and you will also be healthier, happier, stronger and more organised! Sweet Dreams!

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.