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Clear Medical Skin FAQ - frequently asked questions

Skin FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Search the table below and see how we can help you. These questions are based on our client’s enquiries, just type in your keyword into the search bar and we will have the answer for you.

Question Answer
Do we treat stretch marks?Yes, we do. We have seen some amazing results.
Do acne scarring treatments actually work?We do not carry out treatments that don't work. Some individuals observe slower results and this is a result of numerous factors. Please ask your therapist and they will advise you accordingly.
What is the best facial cream to use?We advise the use of our Tone and Defence Formula Skin Oil - 100% Natural.
I have laser hair removal before but I still have some growth. Can I be treated?Yes, you can. We have a patch price list which allows you to pay for the areas with the hair only.
I am pregnant, can I have skin treatment?No, you can't. We do not advise any sort of aesthetic treatment during pregnancy due to potential risks to your child.
Can I use skin oil when I have oily skin?Yes, every cell within our bodies is made up of a phospholipid bilayer. Organic solvents will allow better nutrient penetration.
Can Milia be removed?Yes, we can remove Milia from the skin.
Are there any laser side effects?Side effects are very rare and can include burning/scabbing. We take precautions to accurately assess health and skin sensitivity to ensure that this does not occur.
Is Botox good for you?No. It is a toxin that can have long-term side effects. The looks are unnatural and we do not offer it or endorse it at Clear Medical.
How many laser hair removal treatments do I require for facial areas?These can vary from 1 to 30+ The average is 6 -10 treatments.
How many laser hair removal treatments do I require for a body area?These can vary from 3-10 on average. Some individuals have less and some have more depending on the desired outcome.
What is a Campbell de Morgan spot?A Campbell de Morgan spot is a red blood spot on the skin which some people have a susceptibility to.
I am under 16 years old, can I have treatment? We do not believe that treatment is suitable for children under the age of 16 and we require parental honesty in these cases.
Can thread veins be removed completely?Yes, they can with laser treatment .
Do you offer treatments for pigmentation?Yes, we do. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.
Can you treat acne?Yes we can treat acne quite successively with a combination of laser acne treatments and skin peels.
Do you treat blackheads?Yes we can help remove blackheads. The type of treatment vary depending severity of the blackheads. Please call us to book in for a consultation.
I have very dry skin, how can you help me? Our own 100% natural skin care range is very good at helping your dry skin, by using a combination of a Olive Soap and Tone and Defence Skin Oil
I have very thick dark hairs on my chin, will laser hair removal work for me?Laser hair removal works on all types of dark hairs, from baby fine hair to dark and thick. Please call for more information.
I have combination skin with a break out of spots now and again. How do I know what is a good skincare regime for me?We offer expert advice at all our Skin Consultations, we understand not everyone's skin is the same. Our skin care advice is tailored for individual skin types.
I take medication for health reasons, can I still have treatment?We carry out a detailed consultation asking you about your lifestyle and health. Some medications may sensitise your skin. We ask you to fully disclose any information that may have an impact on your treatments.
Do you treat warts? Yes we have successively treated warts anywhere on the body or face. Please call us for more information.
Do you treat ingrown hairs?Yes we can treat ingrown hairs anywhere on the body and face with laser hair removal.
Do you do micro-dermabrasion?We do skin treatments that are more beneficial, has no long-term side effects and will have more lasting results than micro-dermabrasion. Please contact us for more information.
How much do your treatments cost?We price our treatments according to the type of treatment you are having and by measuring the area to be treated. So all our prices are consistent and fair.
I have dark circles around my eyes, how can you you help me?Please read our article about puffy eyes and dark circles . This will aid blood to circulate around the delicate part of your face. Also please call for a consultation to discuss treatments available to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eye area.
I have eczema, do you have treatments to help?For mild cases we can treat your eczema with our own 100% natural skin care products . In more severe cases it is best to contact us and book in for a consultation.
I am starting to get fine lines and wrinkles, how can I stop them from appearing?To reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles you can try our laser skin rejuvenation treatment. Also with a combination of our natural skin products you will start to see glowing, youthful skin.


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