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Male Skin Care Advice & Options

male skin care

Men Care About Their Skin

Male skin care has gone through a revolution in the past decade. It used to be that men were harsh, rough and ready but these days a man can be soft, smooth and sexy. Far from losing any sense of his masculinity, this ‘New Man’ has evolved in a way that surpasses their predecessors. Science has helped us see our skin as a living organ in its own right and its radiance is a result of many other biological mechanisms within the body. In a world where media say appearance is everything – and vanity can be seen as virtuous – it isn’t surprising that words like ‘success’ and ‘satisfaction’ are synonymous with skin confidence.

What Has Caused The Change In Male Skin Care?

The role of popular media and the internet cannot be underestimated. It has made men worry about their self image. Whether it’s watching the variety of rugged male characters on Game of Thrones or scrolling through selfies on Instagram, the influence of the visual on a man’s perception of self is substantial. Maybe men have learnt that they will be treated differently if they look better. A sort of higher consciousness has been awakened where men have realised they are now more approachable and their sex appeal higher because they take care of themselves. Hormones control a lot of things for women (as we are all aware) but they have communicative roles in men too. A man who looks good and feels confident about their appearance will project a seductive aura in any sort of interaction.

It used to be that men were harsh, rough and ready but these days a man can be soft, smooth and sexy.

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Do you really look after your skin?

Why Do I Need To Look After My Skin?

The skin can easily be sensitised to the environment after procedures such as washing, shaving, facials, scrubs, work, social and sporting activities or any other mild/abrasive contact. Depending on your individual genetic susceptibilities there may be flaws and blemishes which you can prevent from good skincare without treatment. Good skincare ensures that an individual does not have to be concerned as much with ageing or dry, greasy and spotty skin amongst many other conditions.

The Choice Is Ours

We have to think carefully about the best way to use the resources at our disposal. For example it is important to not overspend on luxuries all the time and then realise that we feel bad about our bank balances. This will inevitably lead to a cycle of worry. Our circumstances affect our hormones in more ways than we realise, which means making the right decisions is crucial not only for our bank balances but also our health.

5 Ways To Maintain Healthy Skin


    We have to eat a balanced diet which contains the right amount of nutrients. Guilty pleasures should be in moderation, so beers, pizzas and chocolate are allowed but in lower levels compared to the healthy stuff. After all it usually is best to give yourself a reward for all your efforts, and it usually tastes better! This will ensure that our bodies have the right building blocks to make the most of what we can produce in terms of cells.


    We need to wash, exfoliate and hydrate our skin on a daily basis; this includes morning, night and after other activities where necessary. This will help to remove any build-up of dirt, chemicals, dead skin and stimulate healthy turnover of new cells.


    We have to make time for regular physical exercise so that we look good and are in a shape that makes us feel confident, light and energetic. Our bodies are like machines and require servicing and testing to maintain reliability and will breakdown if you neglect physical activity. Excessive body building without cardio and yoga isn’t healthy. Not only does it make our bodies less functional it can also make men less attractive to the opposite sex.


    After exercise it is essential to stretch our muscles as it fights the chemicals that cause damage to fibres and result in pain, tension and injury. We also have to make sure we take care of our muscles and posture to ensure good blood circulation to the cells in our bodies. We can do this by ensuring we sit, stand and stretch our bodies regularly whilst taking deep breaths and exhaling fully where possible.


    However much we work, spend, socialise, exercise and eat we need to ensure that everything is done in a balanced manner. Otherwise this will lead to unnecessary pressures in our lives. Regular rest and a good nights sleep will help us prepare for whatever activities we use our mind and bodies for.

Think carefully about the best way to use the resources at your disposal. Making the right decisions is crucial for our health and well-being.

Be Vigilant When Washing

Washing with facial washes or shower gels may actually sensitise your skin as they contain toxic chemicals. evidently, preservatives, colorants and perfumes can be cancer causing agents. The safest option is to use the simplest and naturally occurring products. It is recommended you use a natural, cold pressed soap  (we recommend Olive Soap) which is cleansing as well as moisturising.


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The results will be amazing

Protect And Nourish Your Skin

It is essential to apply a barrier after washing your skin in order to prevent possible side effects from external stimulus. This helps maintain the natural radiance of healthy skin (we recommend the Clear Medical Tone & Defence Skin Oil). The skin responds to changes in our environment and the chemicals we expose it to. Natural products are best as they don’t have any side effects that cause detriment to the skin. Be careful when purchasing items which say ‘natural’; it probably contains a nominal amount of badly processed nutrients.

Five Regimes To Transform Your Skin

From time to time we feel like giving ourselves a skin care boost because of a special date, an interview or because we want to look our best. Treat your skin (once a week) by one of the following methods:


    Get some natural Hungarian Mud (which is high in mineral content) and mix with water into a paste. Wash your face and whilst moist apply the paste leave on for 15 minutes.


    Scrub yourself with some Dead Sea salts in the shower/bath after cleansing to leave skin exfoliated as well as nourished.


    Wash and cleanse your skin whilst in the bath or shower and then apply honey (see article) for 15 minutes. You can massage the honey in clockwise motions to aid absorption of nutrients.

  4. GO BIO

    Use some plain bio yogurt and apply to your skin for 15 minutes and wash off. This is like having a mild skin peel at home.


    Use an exfoliating glove on a daily basis and use water (or with your favourite soap) to give yourself smooth, soft and healthy skin over your face and body.

Sometimes we feel like giving ourselves a boost for that special date, an upcoming interview or simply because we want to look our best.

What To Do With The Hair On Your Head

It’s also good to have a professional shave and haircut on a regular basis in a nice friendly environment. We recommend Close Male Grooming who have many branches in Manchester and give you that little luxury. They do a cut throat shave with hot towels which will leave you looking your best, whilst not over stripping your skin. Cut hair on a regular basis so that it stays healthy and the style that grows,when groomed correctly, is more appealing. Depending on your facial features you can enhance your look by asking for some advice. Speak up if you require something a certain way as you maybe living with something that you did not want. If you decide you want a certain style, ask the consultants they will advise and tell you if it’s possible.

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Beards are now very popular

The Bearded Revolution

It used to be that a professional look involved a shave and smart attire. However, it is now a rough, stubble and beard look, with many different lengths that ladies and men like. Gone are the days when the Craig David ‘beard’ is in vogue. There has been an increase of men styling themselves on the gruff Jake Gyllenhaal, the masterful George Clooney and even the dark knight Ben Affleck. Ben’s facial growth even has its own Twitter account! In conclusion, in a recent radio discussion one caller said his beard has made him more approachable to women.

Shaving is a chore to men and women alike. Shaving less can protect sensitive skin. The hair acts as an environmental barrier therefore, you would not need to moisturise as much. Beards can be maintained by professionals. They can be trim or style your beard which is less time consuming to the time and effort of shaving daily.

 Male Skin Care Is Taking Care Of Yourselves

Finally we all know that to stay natural is best. Cleanliness is particularly found to be most attractive, so be thorough to wash away the chemicals, dirt and grime and at the end of your day. We hope we have given you natural and easy things to implement to help you look and feel your best. We do have more information on treatments and tips on our website.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.