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Ingrown hair and razor bumps can be unsightly, painful, and irritating. Many individuals have come to us for skin-ingrown hair treatment after attempting to remove them. In some individuals, the ingrown hair can cause shadowing, whereas in some, it can enlarge as sore infections. They may also cause skin surface damage. This is, however, dependent on the severity of the ingrown hair. At Clear Medical, we can quickly heal the infection and restore the skin condition to its natural healthy state.

What Causes Ingrown Hair & Razor Bumps?

Ingrown hair may be due to skin damage, hair removal methods, genetic susceptibilities, or medication history. The disease condition is Pseudofolliculitis cutis (PFC) and is a chronic trauma response to inflammation. The cause of the disease is quite complex. Simply, the occurrence is due to hairs growing into the wall of the pore instead of out of it. Curly hair is more susceptible to ingrown hairs because they only have a single nucleotide (the basic structural unit of DNA) substitution in the gene. Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), also known as “razor bumps”, is another form of ingrown hair. This is where the pointed hair shafts curve directly back into the adjacent epidermis, causing invagination, inflammation, and intraepidermal microabscess formations (infection within the epidermal). Razor bumps are another name for ingrown hair inflammation, commonly due to the use of a razor whilst shaving.

How do we treat Ingrown hairs & razor bumps?

We use the same treatment methodology for Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair removal targets melanin. This is a brown protein present in dark hair. Some hair types do not contain melanin; therefore, treating blonde, white, or red ingrown hairs is impossible. Due to one of the melanin protein characteristics being its colour, it absorbs light and, therefore, allows the laser to work effectively. The laser works by heating the melanin to a high temperature to damage the cells that cause the hair to grow. This process involves selective photo-heating at a specific wavelength of light that prevents damage to the surrounding cells. The pulses between shots of light are an important part of laser treatment. This allows the surrounding area to cool down, which aids in the prevention of damage to the skin. Simply, we are manipulating the hair’s characteristics to cause a reduction in hair production. The skin around the ingrown hair follicles will normalize as your treatments progress, and any discomfort will subdue to a healthy, radiant, and smooth feel.

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Safety First

It is best if you come and see us for a consultation. You are not under obligation to have any treatment at any point. During the consultation, we diagnose, explain the skin ingrown hair treatment, and assess your suitability. If there are no medical reasons to not proceed with treatment, we offer you a patch test. This is to allow the selection of the optimal safe setting for treating you. Finally, you must give us fully informed consent before the patch test.

What Will I Experience During a Test?

Gentle cleaning of the skin is necessary to remove chemicals. The skin ingrown hair treatment area undergoes the application of ECG (Electrical Conductivity Gel). The ECG gel cools the area and ensures optimal light transmission from the applicator to the skin. Clear Medical therapists select the optimum setting which is safe and effective on an individual basis (depending on immune system response and susceptibilities). The skin surface has a quartz applicator placed on it. The pure white laser light passes via the quartz block through the skin.

During the session, multiple shots may be administered to find the setting that will be most effective for you. You will be required to communicate each sensation felt during the shot’s administration. The level of pain that is felt is different for everybody. Some clients associate the sensation with a tolerable pinprick, but others find it quite uncomfortable and painful. This, however, cannot be predicted, so the best thing to do is to give it a try. Finally, we clean the skin and apply barrier protection. Our treatment policies specify that individuals can have treatment 5 days after a successful consultation and patch test.

The First Skin Ingrown Hair Treatment

Once you are happy to proceed with treatment, we will arrange a suitable appointment for you 5 days after your initial consultation. This gives you that little bit of time to fully consider everything. We will carry out your first treatment in the same manner as your patch test but will cover the whole area. Also, we advise you of the best time interval for your next session. After the first treatment, you should notice a difference in the size of the ingrown hairs, skin health, and feel. Note, however, that this varies from person to person so you may only notice a difference in one of the factors above and not all three at the same time. This is perfectly normal at this stage. We are always available via phone, text, or email if you have any questions.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Treatment intervals can vary depending on various factors; the skin over the treatment area and hair growth rate. The number of treatments required varies depending on an individual’s ethnicity, immune system, stress levels, internal and external biological environments, and the time between each treatment. We will keep you fully informed throughout the treatment process and will discuss with you our expectations on how long the treatment may be necessary. It is also beneficial for the success of the treatment, to carry out aftercare. Additionally, a healthy diet and lifestyle will ensure optimal skin healing and results. We commonly recommend the treatment every 4 weeks and usually, individuals attain the results they desire after 4 treatments.

Please note that you may also consider opting for permanent Laser Hair Removal which we offer. You may have an area of skin that is more susceptible to PFC. This means that the condition may occur again over that area. This is possible as long as active hair-producing follicles are present.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are proud to uniquely provide skin treatment pricing per cm². This ensures that at Clear Medical the pricing is concise, consistent, and fair.

If It Matters To You It Matters To Us

Our skin-ingrown hair treatment will help you eradicate your unwanted hair, whether that means a simple reduction or complete elimination. We care about you, hence we want you to have the time to enjoy life without the worry of regular hair removal. Additionally, worse is the concern over regular skin irritation and razor bumps.

We aim to provide a clean, relaxing, and friendly environment. Thus providing you with the perfect setting for advice, care, and treatment.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.