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Considering Laser Lipo for Fat Reduction

Laser Lipo - Clear Medical

Fat Should be Burnt Naturally

What is Laser Lipo? Different brand names refer to the same process depending on the manufacturer. Laser lipo works by heating the fat molecules within the tissues causing them to break down. The process is known as thermo-lipo-lysis (which literally means heat-fat-destroy) and is actively done by a stimulus that is not natural.

Fat And Our Bodies

Excessive fat deposits on individuals can be the result of numerous factors. Diet and lifestyle habits contribute to how our body learns to store fat. There are memories recorded within an individual’s cells to send message containing orders of how food is processed and stored as fat. As we are aware men and women deposit fats in different areas. Individuals can also have genetic predispositions in their metabolism. Stress, happiness and other factors can also affect our fat deposits. We can safely say that fat storing and diet are specific to the individual (see article for advice on burning fat naturally).

Can You Trust It?

Our researchers found this process was actually banned in France (see article) and in parts of the USA. That is why during advertising of the systems by manufacturers it’s not a shock to see that FDA approved is visible. What does this approval actually mean? Furthermore the technology has not been around long enough for there to be accurate results.

On a similar note there was a ban on a diet pill in Europe due to mortality in teens. Although Uk had similar cases took several years for the ban to take place in the UK. Treatments which do not have  the green light should always be considered with caution. There is also the possibility a client undergoes treatment when they don’t really need it. Medical experts might deem the treatment unnecessary and diagnose the issue as psychological.

Our Concerns

  • What are the long term risks?
  • Are there enough clinical trials on suitable people to say it is safe?
  • Does it have any effect on neighbouring tissues, cells, organs?
  • Does it put pressure on other body systems since the process is not a naturally occuring process?
  • Can it actually cause future complications/disease/mortality?
  • There is insufficient regulation of the thermo-lipo-lysis industry (i.e. no regulatory body to deal with complications or long term ethical issues).

    Stress, happiness and other factors can affect our fat deposits.
    Fat storing and diet are specific to the individual.

Final Thought

Furthermore, in our opinion thermo-lipo-lysis cannot replace a combination of exercise, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

At Clear Medical we are very proud to offer safe and effective treatments. We only offer services that have no long term detrimental side effects and for this reason we do not offer thermo-lipo-lysis.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.