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Customisable Skin Peels

Many people opt for Epionce skin peels to treat specific conditions, to rejuvenate the skin, or for anti-ageing purposes. Skin peeling resurfaces the skin by removing layers of dead skin, which can improve skin tone, texture, and minor blemishes. There are many different peels on the market, and we have selected the safest and most customisable product to administer to our clients. We understand that each person’s skin is different and sensitivities vary. Our choice of peel allows us to cater to each individual’s requirements with minimal risk to all ethnicities and skin types.

What benefits can be seen?

Results are variable so it is always best to discuss your requirements with your therapist. They can then advise you regarding your suitability and possible outcomes. Benefits include:

  • Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin feels smoother and firmer.
  • Decrease in pigmentation (We do offer a specific pigment treatment).
  • More even skin tone.
  • Reduction in bacteria and yeast, which cause acne.
  • Effectively deep cleanses pores.
  • Removal of excessive and stubborn blackheads.
  • Removal of excess scaling to reveal tighter and brighter skin.
  • Correction of sun damage.
  • Reduces scarring.
  • Temporarily reduces excessive skin oil secretions.

What does it involve?

We initially cleanse the skin to remove dust, dirt, and other environmental residues. Then we use a professional skin prep solution to strip the skin of any oils. Our Epionce chemical skin peels tailor the treatment to the individual because we sometimes apply multiple layers. Furthermore, your therapist is experienced and watches to see how your skin reacts throughout the treatment. The peel acids consist of different pHs also. Firstly, we start by applying a salicylic acid layer evenly over the skin, and some individuals need only receive this to see drastic peeling. Your therapist will determine whether your skin reacts in a manner that does not require multiple layers. For some, the outcome you desire means applying multiple layers. Due to skin tolerance existing, either; by having peels regularly or naturally, there is less surface build-up. Post-procedure, the skin is cleansed and prepared for day-to-day exposure to environmental factors.

How many treatments are advised?

You may notice positive changes in your skin after just one treatment. However, depending on your skincare goals, achieving the best results may require several treatments. Your therapist will recommend a Home Care Program (please see also our Aftercare Advice). It is recommended to carry out 6-8 sessions to experience the full benefits of Epionce chemical skin peels. The interval between each treatment is at least six weeks.

What should I consider before having a peel?

Before having Epionce chemical skin peels, you should know that a certain amount of downtime is required. Time is crucial for aftercare and hydration. Immediately after having a skin peel, some clients may be pink, and the skin will feel quite tight. This is due to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. After 12-48 hours, the skin may appear dry and possibly flaky/darker. Light flaking/peeling may be similar to sunburn in some people.

If no peeling occurs, this does not mean that the peel hasn’t been effective; fewer dead cells have been building up on the skin’s surface. The regulation of skin build-up is efficient due to your body’s mechanisms. This is also the case when an individual has chemical skin peels regularly. The peel will have roused the production of collagen or elastin on the skin surface. Over the years, many clients have skin peels over smaller or larger body areas and observed beneficial results.

How should I care for my skin immediately after my peel?

It is essential that during the peeling process (which may last for up to 5-7 days), the skin is kept well hydrated with mild cream/oil/moisturiser (we recommend the use of our Tone and Defence Skin Oil). Whenever the treatment area feels tight, you must apply the Tone and Defence Formula skin oil; this is due to the skin being dry. You must not pick or pull the skin during the peeling process. This is because new, healthier skin is forming under the layers, and the natural cell renewal process is occurring. The new skin appears when the body is ready.

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Reasons why peeling may not be suitable

We do not offer Epionce chemical skin peels if:

  • Active cold sores or warts are present.
  • You have open wounds or damage to the skin surface.
  • Sunburn is present
  • The skin is excessively sensitive.
  • Individuals have dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis.
  • Inflammatory rosacea is an issue.
  • Allergies to salicylates (such as aspirin) exist.
  • A woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Individuals are suffering from chronic depression or anxiety.
  • You are not eating properly.
  • You are not sleeping properly.

We do not recommend the Epionce chemical skin peels if you’ve taken Accutane or have received chemotherapy/ radiation therapy within the last year.

One Week Prior

Avoid using electrolysis, waxing, depilatory creams, lasers, or other professional treatments. If you are using any products that mean that Epionce chemical peels are unsuitable, please inform us before booking. Also, if you are undergoing any other treatment, please tell us.

Three Days Prior

Stop using Retin-A, Renova, Differin (Adapalene 0.1%), or Tazorac. Also, do not use any products containing Retinol, AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) or BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids or benzyl peroxide).

How much does it cost?

We are proud to uniquely provide Facial Treatment Prices and Skin Treatment Pricing per cm² for body areas. This ensures that Clear Medical’s pricing is concise, consistent, and fair.

We provide information about aftercare before booking and ensure you are medically suitable.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.