Chorlton Holistic Therapy

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Holistic Therapy Complements Your Skin

We have a holistic therapy basis for many of the treatments we offer. Therefore, taking into account individual susceptibilities and tailoring our skin treatments to make sure they are safe and achieve the best results for you is essential. We can offer you advice to help improve the health of your skin as well as treatments to promote healing.

Due to our holistic view of skincare, we consider all the varying factors that influence your health. We are lucky to have within our Chorlton Clinic, a range of experienced independent mind and body care therapists.

Chorlton Holistic Therapy is Mind & Body Care

Holistic therapy optimises health and wellness by taking into account the whole person, including the body, mind, spirit and emotions. This can be achieved only by maintaining a balance within yourself. Biochemical mechanisms will be at balance, increasing longevity and improving your standard of life.

Within our south Manchester suburb, Chorlton holistic therapy is fitting for the area with organic, natural and eclectic trend-setting lifestyles and habits.

Mind Care

Sometimes, consulting a family member, child, partner, colleague or friend can be difficult. Many individuals have busy life’s and the most sensitive sometimes can think they will manage. Managing is possible by all, however, optimal health is a result of a balance in mental processing. We look after our diet, fitness, finances, family, friends, homes and moreover why shouldn’t we take some mind care!

  • We have top of their game, NHS Doctors in psychology: Claire Robson, Katie Niemz, James McManus, Wendy Mcdonald, Gemma Parker, and Anna Whittlesea. We also have extremely experienced psychological therapists/councillors: May Tomkinson, Zainab Mohammed, Elizabeth Preston, Jane Briddon, Martina Witter, Sara Siddiqui, Jennifer McCarthy, Tara Seed, and Alex Sanderson-Short.
  • Additionally, we have skilled hypnotherapists: Fiona Gray, Paula Young, and Maria Khan.

Body Care

Please note – Holistic Therapy practitioners for mind and body are independent. Therefore handle their own diaries, so please contact them directly to arrange a consultation or treatment.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.