Radio Frequency Facial Skin Tightening


Radio Frequency Facial Skin Treatment

We have seen many clients in our Chorlton clinic over the years who want to firm facial skin and do not want injectables due to the potential risks. As a safe alternative to achieve similar visible results. Radiofrequency Facial with vacuum suction is an astonishing treatment that can enable the brightening, hydration, and refinement required.  Many individuals want treatment without downtime to reverse the signs of ageing. Radiofrequency firms and tightens the skin gradually; after one session, you can feel the glow within your skin. Rest assured that Radio Frequency technology has been used safely in medicine for over 40 years. It can further enhance skin health and hydration to supplement the effect of your injectables.

Suitable for:

  • Lax Skin around the eye area, jowls, chin and neck.
  • Fine to medium lines and wrinkles between brows, around the eye area or mouth.
  • Dull or dry skin – a facial treatment that enhances the skin for weeks after.

What’s the science?

The technology behind the treatment: multi-polar radio frequency current flows between multiple poles allows controlled deep penetration of heat into subcutaneous layers of the skin without causing pain or harm to the skin tissue. These radio frequency electric vibrations initiate heating of the skin and the wound healing process within the skin. The skin reaches a temperature of approximately 39 degrees celsius. It is completely safe as the energy falls within the radio waves portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radiofrequency Stimulates Fibroblasts Clear MedicalAgeing

Fibroblast cells are the most common cells of connective tissue. This is due to collagen being the most abundant protein that is found within the skin, it can make up to 70% plus of the natural composition of healthy skin. Fibroblasts are part of the scaffold of healthy taught skin cells that are put into action. This involves the movement of fibroblast cells towards the site of stimulation and deposits new collagen to facilitate the repair process. The increase in collagen production is responsible for firming and smoothing, for younger-looking skin.

Many topical products claim to contain collagen to firm lines and wrinkles, but the fact is, it is a protein that is too large to enter through the skin surface.

What does the radio frequency facial treatment involve?

A full medical is carried out to ensure radio frequency facial treatments treat the individual holistically so that the best results are achieved safely and effectively. Your therapist will cleanse the skin so that it is free of makeup and environmental pollutants. We then generously apply our signature Tone and Defence Skin Oil to the skin to allow micronutrients to be readily available at the target site. The radiofrequency applicator is then placed over the skin, and the treatment is carried out over the desired treatment area. Once the treatment area has been treated adequately, this part of the treatment is complete. Skin oil is reapplied regularly over the skin to prevent friction and nourish the skin, whilst the vacuum suction device is then used to increase lymphatic drainage of toxins within the skin and further stimulate the repair process. The treatment area is cleansed of excess oil, and SPF 50 (sun cream) is applied to the area completing the treatment.

What will I experience during and after treatment?

The treatment is not painful; heating sensation and redness may be experienced during the session. We allocate enough time per session so that you are comfortable and treatment is carried out safely. Post-treatment, your skin will feel plump, soft and slightly sensitive. Some individuals may suffer from slight pinkness/redness, and this will subside in a few hours following treatment. However, some individuals will not observe any redness; this is variable depending on individual susceptibilities.

To achieve the best results, we advise a course of 6 -8 radio frequency facial treatment sessions to observe the full extent of what is achievable. The interval between treatments is 2 to 4 weeks. If you want to achieve results quicker, shorter intervals can mean this is possible, unless we advise otherwise. After your first session, the collagen production completes after 6 weeks, although many individuals will see instant results and feel the difference over the coming weeks. You will require top-up sessions due to the natural ageing process, over time, for the skin to sustain the results felt. However, the cellular memory that exists within the area yields long-lasting results, so these are not as often (anything from 1 month – 12 months) depending on how you feel after the sessions.  There is no detriment to the skin or body health from having regular sessions, and your therapist will advise you on an individual basis.

What’s The Cost Of A Radio Frequency Facial?

Small Area (mouth or eyes)          £60 per session

Up to Half Face                             £75  per session

Full Face                                       £95  per session

Full Face and Neck                     £120 Per session

You can purchase multiple treatments paid in advance, we offer 20% off for 4 sessions and 30% off for 8 sessions.

If you would like to arrange a treatment, have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.