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Stress Can Be Good?


How to deal with stress -Clear Medical

Dealing With Lifes Strains

Stress is an emotional state that affects our minds and bodies, causing us to look at our circumstances in a highly pressured state. It is something that affects everyone at some point in their lives. The causes are vast; it can start due to small matters or big life events but it’s essentially the same thing.

Why Do We Become Anxious?

We have mechanisms within us that control our interconnected mental and physical states. Stress is a response to something specific and we deal with these ‘triggers’ differently. Common signs are:

• Easily irritable and emotional.

• Tiredness and bad sleep quality.

• Inabilty to focus on anything other than the trigger of your stress. 

Is Stress Always Negative?

Stress is a part of life and can be considered in a positive light. If we didn’t stress in our day to day things wouldn’t actually be solved. The tension is – in effect – a problem that needs to be either dealt with or moved away from. If we look at ourselves objectively the stress is a danger or situation that needs to be tackled in order to survive.

What Has Science Told Us?

Modern science has given us more information on what happens in our bodies when we get stressed. This can help us become more resistant to its harmful effects.

Individuals who think of stress as a bad thing can cause constriction within their cardiovascular system (arteries/veins constrict through motor neurone action) thus decreasing the flow of oxygen. Their thought processes are also affected and clear evaluated responses to actions become very difficult. If the individuals have inherent susceptibilities to pressure due to long term cardiovascular disorders these may result in other diseases and problems.

In contrast those who are happy have no muscle constriction in their cardiovascular system. This enables an optimal oxygen supply to flow freely within their bodies. Individuals who are courageous in life also demonstrate the same oxygen flow as someone who is happy, if not more. This is due to us mentally preparing ourselves to deal with the stressful stimulus or danger we are about to overcome. Our bodies respond to this with a requirement for the maximum amount of oxygen flow within our cardiovascular systems.

How To Deal With Matters

When we encounter a difficult situation we really need to calmly and confidently control our minds, to know we can deal with the anxieties and succeed. This allows us to have the tools (oxygen, clear mind, patience and perseverance) to be the best we can possibly be to deal with and conquer stress. It is only when we think differently that we will experience healthier and happier lives, in spite of its presence.

Stress is a natural part of life and can be considered positive.
Without stress we wouldn’t grow stronger as individuals.

Final Thought

People who recognise stress as a normal part of their life believe they can overcome it and do their best to try. In essence we need to think of stress as a good thing. If we fail we will try again until we are successful in dealing with it. It is when we see stress as an opportunity and not a surprise that we will begin to flourish wherever we are.

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