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Looking For An Eczema Treatment?

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Looking For An Eczema Treatment? Many search for a remedy eczema treatment as the condition reduces confidence levels. If you have eczema, you will know how good it feels to itch but how much damage that can do. This skin disease is a condition that many individuals suffer with. The condition is also known as[…]

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Tips for Tackling Skin Sensitivity

Tips for Tackling Skin Sensitivity If you feel that you have skin sensitivity, please don’t be concerned, we feel that it can be a good sign that your body’s immune system is functioning and warns you when it isn’t happy. Sensitive skin can mean different things, we can help you understand how it works, potential[…]

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Electrolysis Initially the first forms of electrolysis came into use for aesthetic purposes in the 1800’s. This included the insertion of giant cathodes into the skin, to send electrical currents, to prevent hair growth. Side effects included severe pain, discomfort and scarring. Laser hair removal proceeded electrolysis, which was a much safer form of hair[…]