Cryotherapy Lesion Removal Treatment

Cryotherapy Lesion Removal Treatment

Cryotherapy Lesion Removal 

Cryotherapy lesion removal treatment is an advanced method of removing benign superficial skin imperfections that occur at the upper levels of the skin. Numerous medical applications use cryotherapy and this has been the case for many years to help people with cosmetic concerns of warts, seborrheic keratosis or actinic keratosis, benign moles, solar lentigines (commonly known as age spots, sun spots, liver spots), Cambell De Morgan spots (also known as cherry angiomas). The treatment involves the controlled use of liquid N20 (nitrous oxide) at -89 degrees centigrade, 725 psi, which freezes lesions from 1-10mm in size. The procedure is relatively low risk.

How Does The Treatment Work?

The cryotherapy lesion removal treatment is the controlled destruction of unwanted skin tissue by the precise application of extreme cold. This freezing process is delivered until tissue necrosis occurs to prevent damage to the tissue. Necrosis is the death of the targeted lesion cells within the skin tissue. Effective necrosis will occur at -27 degrees centigrade. Human skin tissue temperature is usually 37 degrees centigrade, therefore there is an overall reduction of 64 degrees. There are fluid-filled spaces that exist around the cells in skin tissue, this is effectively what is frozen which then forms shards of ice/crystals that rupture cell membranes which result in cellular destruction. There is maximum destruction of 4-6mm in the depth of cell tissue.  The treatment feels like a pen being pushed onto your skin but the tissue may feel sensitive post-treatment.

Cryotherapy Lesion Removal Treatment

Why Nitrous Oxide And Not Liquid Nitrogen?

Previously liquid nitrogen for cryotherapy lesion removal treatment, however, this is rare in modern aesthetic applications now. This is due to the fact that liquid nitrogen is normally -196 degrees centigrade and this extreme temperature poses more tissue necrosis than nitrous oxide. Also, there is an increased risk of scarring therefore, liquid nitrous oxide is less invasive yet delivers treatment likeness.

How Many Sessions of Cryotherapy Lesion Removal Treatment

Will You Need?

Usually, 1 or 2 sessions are required. The follow-up session will be 2-4 weeks post the initial cryotherapy lesion removal treatment. We can treat anyone, however, we are cautious with some individuals. Thus, they may require multiple treatments (2-6+) depending on the size/type of lesion/location/medical health. Darker skin types, those with more melanin in their skin will need more sessions. Caution with these skin types will also be shown as they are more susceptible to pigmentation loss within the area post-treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

We charge £60 per session for a single lesion, additional lesions can be treated for £10 each. However, your practitioner can advise that only a certain number of lesions are done during a session. This depends on the area of administration and your individual susceptibilities/medical health.

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