Skin Consultation

free skin consultation - expert skin advice

Skin Consultation

Firstly, a skin consultation includes care advice and treatment options if wanted. We aim to share our knowledge and expertise to advise you of the best treatment methods.  This can consist of natural care advice or carefully selected treatment options. On average, we are proud to say that skincare advice on consultation aids many individuals to increase the health of their skin. Therefore, the advice is given before treatment or when a change in skincare routine is required.

Expert Skin Advice

Each individual has different skin and an outlook on what they want to achieve; we value that. We listen to your requirements and cater our consultations or advice accordingly. If you choose not to take our advice, we will advise you of optimal and safe options throughout your experience. Also, we respect and allow you, individually, to choose what is best. Our advice is simply to increase skin functionality and care knowledge in a natural and scientific view.

Free Skin Consultation

  • Over-the-phone 1st free skin consultation – new clients (30 minutes).
  • Free unlimited email advice.
  • Free simple queries via SMS/Whatsapp/Phone.

We aim to give a refreshing, simple, and natural approach to skincare and treatments. Thus, we look forward to meeting you and offering a solution to your skin concern.

Chargeable Rates

  • £50 for a 30-minute follow-up skincare/treatment consultation with our practitioner. (This is per consultation for a face-to-face visit to the clinic).
  • £50 for a laser patch test.

However, in some cases treatment is not recommended, come and see us so that we may help you reassess your skin health and consider treatment options. Due to our expert skin advice, we outline further steps & give tips on improving your care regime. Because, we want you to feel that we are with you, along your skin health journey.

Laser Hair Removal Skin Treatment Consultation

  • £50 for a patch test.

Indeed laser hair removal is a fabulous way to help brighten the complexion where dark hairs are present. The treatment also helps to enhance the tone and health of the skin.

We look forward to meeting you for your consultation or seeing you again if you are an existing client.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would like to arrange an appointment.