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Preparing Children For School

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Children Work Better With Confidence

Children in the UK usually return to school in the first week of September. If you’re a parent, now is the time to ensure that you’re ready for what’s ahead. You may have already checked that the uniforms fit and the pencil cases are filled! It’s also a period where we need to prepare our bodies for the upcoming routine so you and your children can get the best out of the next academic year.

It is essential that our children look and feel their best throughout their lives. Confidence helps your child develop their character, which then allows them to blossom into adulthood. Children thrive when they have clear boundaries, follow a routine and feel safe. When these things aren’t in place then worry and stress can become a problem. This can greatly affect their development, affecting their minds, bodies and even their skin.

It’s a fact of life that your son/daughter continuously goes through changes as they grow older. Their awareness of how they look and the way they think and feel about their bodies will have developed with each birthday party! And, as they approach their teenage years the pressures of looking good and fitting in are synonymous – in their minds – with any achievements and accolades.

In the week before your children and/or teenagers start school, you should consider implementing some routines and boundaries. This will help them slowly get used to the daily grind of school. Even if they’ve been at school for several years the lack of routines during the summer do take their toll.

Following these simple steps before and during school time may make a huge difference to the quality of your child’s experience at school, and to yours as a parent! Then you can just sit back and enjoy watching your child grow and flourish!

Let’s Get Our Children Ready!

  1. Get your children into bed by 9pm and wake them up at 7:30am.
  2. Give your children breakfast around the time they would have it during a school week.
  3. Try and do the same with lunch and evening meals. This ensures they are eaten at regular intervals according to a specific routine.
  4. Give your children a few chores to do to help you around the house.
  5. Give your children some writing and creative tasks to complete to help your child become accustomed to academia.
  6. Make sure they are washing, hydrating and caring for their skin on a regular basis.

Confidence helps your child develop their character, which then allows them to blossom into adulthood.

Let’s Get Our Teens Ready!

  1. Get your teen to try our Honey Facial once a week.
  2. Invest in a good electric toothbrush. Braun Triumph 5000 is recommended to reduce your dental visits and keep your teeth fresh and clean.
  3. Teach your son/daughter about washing and hydrating their skin. The environment can sensitise their skin making them more prone to spots.
  4. Encourage your teen to wash and moisturise prior to going to bed. This will help the skin be healthier and combat the spots and inflammations better.
  5. Explain to your teen that a balanced diet with carbohydrate, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables and some treats are best for healthy skin, hair and body. Then, practice what you preach in the food you prepare for them!
  6. Get them to the barbers or salon! A good haircut will leave your child feeling positive about themselves and help with their overall self-image.
  7. Drinking water is good for their skin and bodies. Try to avoid chemicals in fizzy drinks, cordials and the high sugar content found in fruit juice.
  8. Drinking milk will aid healthy development of bones and encourage growth during adolescence. Dairy products contain essential nutrients which are required for healthy skin and nails.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.