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Looking For An Eczema Treatment?

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Looking For An Eczema Treatment?

Many search for a remedy eczema treatment as the condition reduces confidence levels. If you have eczema, you will know how good it feels to itch but how much damage that can do. This skin disease is a condition that many individuals suffer with. The condition is also known as atopic dermatitis. It is a condition where dry, itchy, flaky and/or hypo/hyperpigment within the skin can be observed. We have helped many clients manage the condition and live with clear, healthy, smooth and soft skin. Different things can help, depending on the individual.

Eczema Biological Cause

Many people have eczema from birth or have a susceptibility gene which means they suffer from the skin disease throughout their lives. Pharmaceutical methods of treatment include an array of lotions and washes which don’t fully remedy the condition for many.

Remedy Eczema Treatment Topical Skin Clinic Manchester

The collaboration of Stiefel GSK and Newcastle University further confirms protein deficiencies. They suggest that Filaggrin deficiency leads to effects on other proteins and biological pathways in the skin. In simple terms, people that suffer from eczema have an FLG (Filaggrin) gene. Therefore, causing cells to not produce the protein within their skin tissues. Individuals with dry skin also can have less Filaggrin within the area. This protein splits into amino acids and gives a naturally moisturising effect to the skin cells.

Therefore, we know that the condition is a result of nutrient deficiency within the skin area that is suffering. This is why the skin at creases of joints or areas with less blood circulation are more susceptible.

Why Does scratching feel so good?

Itching is caused by the skin tissue having an increase in nerve cells within the area. So people with atopic dermatitis truly have sensitive skin. This leads to them triggering an immune system response (the crusting of the skin layer) quite easily. It also means that eczema sufferers LOVE itching although regret the skin condition afterwards.

Remedies For Eczema

Living with eczema doesn’t mean that your skin has to be unhealthy. However, neglecting your skin may cause the condition to return.

Crucial care includes:

  • RESIST SCRATCHING OR ITCHING (get a friend/colleague/relative to inform you if you’re doing it unknowingly).
  • washing your clothes in non-biological fabric detergent
  • do not use fabric softener
  • try to wear cotton (wool can irritate some so avoid)
  • do not wear man made fibres if possible
  • do not use harsh skin washing/cleansing products that may be drying or irritating
  • keep nails very short to avoid damage from scratching
  • reduce sugar intake if that is a trigger
  • try reducing dairy as in some cases this can cause the itching to increase
  • use a natural oil as a barrier and to nourish after washing ALWAYS (we recommend our T&D Formula skin oil as an eczema treatment topical option)

Tips to increase skin health

Although we have listed above the best way to remedy eczema, we have met individuals that can’t do all the above. Lifestyle changes are difficult when our habits develop over time. Therefore you can also try to:

  • DO NOT SCRATCH OR ITCH (although it’s really hard to resist)
  • Reduce stress
  • Ensure regular simple & natural skin care.
  • Use less eczema treatment topical steroids (can lead to addiction in the long run) and the condition to worsen in some.
  • Have a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Wash skin daily with a mild soap.
  • Apply a light barrier to your skin after washing, we recommend our Tone and Defence Formula Skin Oil as an eczema treatment topical option.

Topical Eczema Treatment

As we previously mention above, we advise the Tone and Defence Formula Skin Oil which can you can buy from our online shop or at our Manchester Skin Clinic. The formula consists of independent lab tested avocado oil, lavender, frankincense and lemongrass and nothing else. There are micronutrients that will nourish the skin and over time return the skin to a healthy state. There is also nothing artificial that may strip or sensitise the skin resulting in health to decline.

Using the formula won’t cause a negative reaction (allergy to the ingredients is very rare). Initially, you may feel a tendency to itch, this is simply your skin indicating a change. Your skin may also require more nourishment. Although if you have eczema, you will know you already have the tendency to want to itch, don’t! The rate of cell renewal will increase from you caring for the skin prior to the healthy skin being revealed.

Our Eczema Treatment

Our treatments to remedy eczema at Clear Medical skin clinic include supplementing the health of the skin and also stimulation of the healing of the skin (skin rejuvenation). Transmitting pure white light at low levels onto the skin heals the skin gradually. Come and see us for a free consultation if you would like to consider treatment, our pricing is dependant on the skin area.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.