Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Loss Treatment

Ultrasound Cavitation Stubborn Fat Loss Treatment


Ultrasound Cavitation – Stubborn Fat Loss Treatment

Ultrasound cavitation being performed over an abdominal area in clinic.

Ultrasound cavitation is a treatment to target stubborn fat on areas of your body that no matter how much you diet or exercise you undertake, fat deposits will not shift. These stubborn fat areas resistant to alternate weight loss methods can now be treated by ultrasound cavitation. This treatment is proven to be risk-free, with no downtime and less invasive than other methods available on the market.

With the increased rate of a sedentary and overeating lifestyle some of us lead, body sculpting treatments have become very popular. The number of fat cells we are born with does not change, but the size of the cells varies considerably from person to person. Fat is stored inside cells called adipocytes,  which are located in the subcutaneous layer just below the dermis. The adipocyte cells store the fat in the form of triglycerides – a semi-liquid state. If we consume more calories than we burn, triglycerides will be stored, and fat cells will swell up in size. 

How does the Ultrasound Cavitation work?

Ultrasound cavitation uses sound waves at a frequency more significant than that we can hear (more than 20khz). The treatment creates tiny bubbles in the water in the fat cells. When the bubbles disintegrate, they emit waves similar to a microjet of water, capable of making the membranes of the fat cells (adipocytes) more permeable, allowing the transport of triglycerides out of the cell. The sound waves literally “shake up fat cells’ ‘ and loosen thickened clumps of fat so your body increases metabolic activity, signalling lipolysis so the fat can be processed. 

After treatment, the free fat is processed by:  

  • Digestion – your body will use the fat for energy.
  • Urinary system – you may see an increase in the need for toilet use following treatment if your body decides it does not need it and will excrete it. 
  • Re-metabolism by the liver – your body will use it to make new proteins essential for your body’s correct functioning. 
  • Phagocytosis – white blood cells engulf the fat and deal with it the same way they would other cellular matter.   

At Clear Medical, we can use a combination of Ultrasound Cavitation treatment, Radiofrequency treatment with 650nm Led, and vacuum massage to aid people whose main aim is to look more toned and slimmer in regions of the body where they have tried.

Why is Radiofrequency technology used alongside?

Treatment with ultrasound cavitation shakes up and loosens fat cells; the radiofrequency creates heat within the subcutaneous layer to increase lipid mobility and circulation. The 650 nm led light further increases the permeability of the fat cell wall. 

Finally, the vacuum increases the blood and lymph flow which aids the transport of lipids away from the area. The Radiofrequency treatment also stimulates the fibroblast cells to increase collagen production and aid long-term skin tightening. Treatment is not suitable for very overweight people. However, ultrasound treatment before exercise can help you metabolise fat more efficiently from stubborn areas.

How many and the frequency of treatments

To achieve the best results, we advise 8-10 sessions to be initially required, the first 6 to be done twice a week, and the remaining four sessions to be done once a week. After that, one treatment a month for maintenance will be needed. Each treatment takes about 20-30 minutes for each area, 5 -10 mins of ultra cavitation followed by 10 -15 minutes of radiofrequency, LED and vacuum. The slimming treatment does not work on highly overweight or obese people and should be followed up with a healthy diet and lifestyle with regular exercise to achieve the desired outcome. 

What does the Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment Involve?

A full medical is carried out to ensure Ultrasound Cavitation is the correct treatment for the individual holistically so that the best results are achieved safely and effectively. The treatment can be carried out on the abdomen, saddlebags, thighs or buttocks. 

The skin area to be treated is cleansed, and ECG gel (electrical conductivity gel) is applied over the skin to aid the penetration of the Ultrasound into the tissue. The treatment is warm and comfortable; you will hear something like robotic birds as the skin area is treated. The skin is then cleansed, and if required, radiofrequency treatment is carried out to help your body deal with the fat, which again feels like heat and massage. After treatment, the fat processing continues in the body for up to 48 hours following the treatment.

The treatment should be carried out as part of a balanced lifestyle and a calorie-controlled diet. We cannot treat you if you are contemplating treatment whilst not eating healthily or undergoing regular exercise.

How much does the Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment Cost?

We believe that two A4 areas (A4 is the size of paper commonly found) are the maximum area that can be treated during a visit. The cost per session is as follows:

Up to 1 A4 Treatment Area: £75 per session (£95 with additional Radio Frequency firming at the same booking).

Up to 2 A4 Treatment Area: £100 per session (£120 with additional Radio Frequency firming at the same booking). 

You can purchase multiple treatments paid in advance; we offer 10% off for four sessions and 20% off for eight sessions

Everyone observes different results from treatment, and before undertaking a course, we advise that you follow a healthy diet which is very low in fat and lifestyle so that the treatment is effective/adequate).

If you would like to arrange treatment or have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.