Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

At Clear Medical we cover a range of areas over the face and body for the removal of unwanted hair. If you would like more information regarding a specific area or what the treatment entails, please feel free to arrange a no-obligation consultation at our clinic in Chorlton, Manchester. Due to our experience and knowledge, we treat all our clients with care and aim to achieve the best results.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

Your face is the first thing that people look at. Therefore, having facial hair can diminish confidence, removal can cause skin irritation. We can treat you safely to ensure that you are ready for any situation.

  • Upper Lip – a popular treatment to save time and care for the skin.
  • Sideburns – detailing of shape or removal of hair.
  • Chin Hair – unsightly and severely irritating when they thicken.
  • Hairline or forehead area – to give a natural improvement on facial outlook.
  • Ears – those odd hairs can reduce confidence.
  • Male Beard Hair Definition – neat, clean and fresh looks for an increase in self-esteem.
  • Eyebrows Laser Hair Removal – tailor and define your brows permanently and discretely.

Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

Here are listed a few common areas for treatment, for other areas see our price list. Men and women may choose to have any area done because we are all different, our desires differ. Whether you have fine hair that isn’t visible to others or thick hairs – we say if it matters to you, it matters to us.

  • Legs – save time not having to shave, wax and be smooth for the definite future.
  • Chest – so you can get your top off anytime.
  • Arms – for that everyday smooth feeling, whilst living daily life.
  • Underarms – saves time and money, whilst preventing irritation of delicate skin.
  • Back Hair – although natural and shows manhood, some people feel better without.

Female Only Areas

  • Bikini line – so you don’t have to think twice about going for a swim.
  • Brazillian – to help you feel smooth, fresh and confident.

Please note. we do not carry out male genital treatments due to the temperature-sensitive nature and risks associated. For more explanation, please email us through our contact us section on the site.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.