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How to Deal With Chin Hair

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Embarrassing Chin Hair 

The problem of facial hair removal is a concern to many women (and men). We’ve actually spotted women feeling their chins when stuck in traffic! It’s a common story; one chin hair appears which is quickly plucked out and as time progresses another one grows in its place. Worse still they can grow faster, thicker and longer than before. It can be a nasty shock for a woman with blonde hair when dark hairs start growing on her chin. In the short term plucking will help deal with the embarrassing intruder, but it’s not going to prevent more hairs sprouting in their place.

Why Does This Happen?

Our body thinks we’re in danger when we pluck, and doesn’t know we’re doing it in order to fit into an image conscious society. Our research shows that this problem is related to how the body regulates itself (homeostasis) in order to help insulate and protect the skin against external factors. These factors include the environment, hormones and an increase of chemicals in our diets. This explains why our body produces a hair which is stronger when we remove them through plucking.

Why Is It Only On Certain Areas?

The chin area is quite sensitive when it comes to hormonal stimulation of hair growth. The hair cycle can differ depending on the individual but it is a natural process that can occur on any skin area of the body. On female chins we have seen that hairs are produced more on the left and right hand side tips. This is because these areas have a genetic susceptibility to produce more hairs in some women. Individuals with larger amounts of hair growth often start from under the jaw itself.

What’s The Solution?

It goes without saying that the solution isn’t plucking! If you have a hormonal factor which influences your hair growth then waxing, shaving or plucking simply makes things worse. We want you to know that your concern – which you may have had to cope with for years – can easily be remedied. We recommend professional Laser treatment as the best solution to tackle this embarrassing problem.

Our body thinks we’re in danger when we pluck, and doesn’t know we’re doing it in order to fit into an image conscious society.

Please Help Me!

Remember that you’re not alone when it comes to sprouting hairs. At Clear Medical we will do all we can to help you achieve the smooth, hair free chin you deserve! All of us respond to treatment differently so we will give you a patch test to help inform how we proceed. You will then attend your first chin hair laser treatment to start reducing the hair growth. Each time you come for treatment any unwanted hairs will be targeted, and these will reduce until no more appear.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.