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How To Treat Unwanted Hair

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Spend Your Money Wisely

We remove hair from certain areas of our body in order to fit into the image conscious society we live in. Unquestionably, the removal of unwanted hair gives us a cleaner, fresher and neater feel to our appearance; the implication of this being we feel more confident about ourselves. Taboos tell us that this concern is limited to women, when in actual fact men are also becoming more body conscious and remove unwanted hair too.

Our Options:

Waxing, plucking, threading, hair removal creams, shaving, epilation, electrolysis, bleaching hairs and Laser Hair Removal.

Home Care Cost

The various methods available for home care costs us in several ways. They cost us money in actually purchasing the products, and time in both obtaining the product and carrying out the hair removal. Furthermore, a certain measure of skill is required in ensuring the treatment you carry out is safe, and to a standard which doesn’t cause damage to the skin.

The methods available at home are temporary and in some cases can cause the unwanted hair to increase in thickness, length, number or even become ingrown. The skin can sometimes become sensitised leading to irritation, rashes or spots occurring. Due to this many individuals will consider different options.

Hair Removal Service Cost

If we choose to have services carried out we need to think about:

1.    When can we get there?
2.    Are they being honest about the advice they give?
3.    Generally, can I afford it on a regular basis?
4.    Does it cause any damage to my skin?
5.    Do they actually help or can they make the hair worse (e.g. waxing, threading or electrolysis)
6.    Is the service hygienic, fairly priced and regulated?

Our Cost Effective Solution

We offer clients a permanent reduction in hairs using Laser Hair Removal. The cells that cause the hair to grow are permanently damaged and will not grow again. Although this treatment costs more in the short term, you can be confident that you will save time and money in the long run.

The methods available at home are temporary and can cause the unwanted hair to increase in thickness, length, number or even become ingrown. Nonetheless if unaware of different options, what can be done?

Things To Consider

1.    Our skin is precious to us and therefore we need to make sure we can trust the establishment to treat us with care and attention.
2.    Every individual needs a different number of treatments to obtain their desired result.
3.    By all means, we all have different lifestyle habits which can influence treatments given.
4.    The interval between treatments can vary from person to person.
5.    Furthermore, how much you usually pay reflects the standard of service you receive.

All in all, we at Clear Medical are here to offer advice and services to help you make the best choice for your skin.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.