Paula Young

Paula Young PgCert, ClinHyp, MBSCH

Paula has been practicing clinical hypnotherapist for 3 years and has helped many people overcome difficulties and make changes to their lives. Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle process. It is recognized by the British Medical Association and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence as an effective therapeutic approach to many issues.

Do you need to rid yourself of an unhealthy habit like smoking or over eating? 
Do you suffer from have stress or anxiety?

Are you struggling to deal with that phobia which has affected you for too long? 
Do you have confidence issues?

What Is Hypnotherapy?

The correct term really is Hypno-Psychotherapy as it is not just about putting someone into a state of hypnosis and waving a wand. Paula’s training at The London College of Clinical Hypnosis is accredited by West London University and much of her training has been directed from The School of Psychotherapeutic Studies. This means she is able to draw from many approaches such as Cognitive, Behavioural and Psycho Analytical. She does not use a one size fits all approach but rather tailor sessions to the needs of her clients.

I’d Like To Do It But…

We understand that hypnotherapy and the use of hypnosis may be uncharted waters for many people, therefore Paula offers a Free Consultation. During this time she can answer any questions, alleviate any doubts or fears, discuss the problems presented and explain how hypnotherapy can help you.

What Will I Experience?

You may like to try a short session of hypnosis just for the experience. Afterwards, there is no obligation to book further appointments. The time in consultation is also the first step to building the therapeutic alliance, essential for change to take place. This is a partnership between you and the therapist based on co-operation and trust. Paula believes this can be achieved with openness, unconditional regard and emphatic understanding.

For enquiries or to book a therapy session please contact Paula by:

Filling out our contact us page and we will pass your details onto Paula and she will get in touch. Please ensure you include Paula as your chosen therapist in your form submission or when calling. 

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