Facial Treatment Prices

Facial treatment prices
Facial Treatment Prices

Skin Rejuvenation

Works deep within the skin to stimulate skin health, collagen and elastin production. Requires little/no downtime.

Up to 1/2 Face      £70    |    Full Face      £120

Skin Peels

Superficially regenerates skin cell layers to reveal bright and healthy skin. Levels out pigmentation and improves skin texture and pore sizes. Downtime required post-procedure.

Up to 1/2 Face      £70    |    Full Face      £120


Astonishing treatment literally makes new skin. Irons out fine lines and wrinkles improves elasticity. Heals depressed or acne scars, due to deep stimulation. Downtime required post-procedure.

Up to  1/2 Face      £160    |    Full Face      £250

Acne Laser

Speeds up the healing of spots and reduces their fury and cycles, until your skin is clear.

Up to 1/2 Face       £45    |     Full Face     £65

Hyperpigmentation  Laser

Treats freckles, birthmarks, beauty spots, sun damage, wisdom spots, and hormonal pigmentation.

Forehead or upper lip or nose      £55    |    Cheeks      £70    |    Forehead and Cheeks      £85   |   Forehead, Cheeks, Nose and Lip      £120

Vascular Laser

Treats thread veins, port wine stains, Campbell de Morgan spots, Rosacea and other skin redness.

Forehead or upper lip or nose      £55    |    Cheeks      £70    |    Forehead and Cheeks      £85    |    Forehead, Cheeks, Nose and Lip      £120

Blackhead Treatment

Different options to clear, heal and prevent reoccurrences.

Manual Extraction      £45    |    Laser treatment      £50    |    Skin peel      £60

Milia Removal

Speeds up the healing and clears skin.      £55

Wart Removal

Reduces or fully cures the viral infection.      £60


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