Facial Treatment Prices

Facial treatment prices
Facial Treatment Prices

Skin Rejuvenation

Works deep within the skin to stimulate skin health, collagen and elastin production. Requires little/no downtime.

Small Area (mouth or eyes)     £60    |    Up to 1/2 Face      £75   |    Full Face      £95    |    Full Face & Neck      £120

Radiofrequency Facial with Vacuum Massage

Instant facial firming treatment that uses sound waves to stimulate fibroblasts to produce higher levels of collagen. Suitable for lax skin and ageing skin types.

Small Area (mouth or eyes)    £60   |   Up to 1/2 Face      £75    |    Full Face      £95    |    Full Face & Neck      £120

Skin Peels

Superficially regenerates skin cell layers to reveal bright and healthy skin. Levels out pigmentation and improves skin texture and pore sizes. Downtime required post-procedure.

Up to 1/2 Face      £75    |    Full Face      £95    |    Full Face  & Neck    £120


Astonishing treatment literally makes new skin. Irons out fine lines and wrinkles improves elasticity. Heals depressed or acne scars, due to deep stimulation. Downtime required post-procedure.

Up to  1/2 Face      £160    |    Full Face      £250

Acne Laser

Speeds up the healing of spots and reduce their fury and cycles, until your skin is clear.

Up to 1/2 Face       £45    |     Full Face     £65

Hyperpigmentation  Laser

Treats freckles, birthmarks, beauty spots, sun damage, wisdom spots, and hormonal pigmentation.

Forehead or upper lip or nose      £60    |    Cheeks      £75    |    Forehead and Cheeks      £90   |   Forehead, Cheeks, Nose and Lip      £120

Vascular Laser

Treats thread veins, port wine stains, Campbell de Morgan spots, Rosacea and other skin redness.

Forehead or upper lip or nose      £60    |    Cheeks      £75    |    Forehead and Cheeks      £90    |    Forehead, Cheeks, Nose and Lip      £120

Blackhead Treatment

Different options to clear, heal and prevent reoccurrences.

Laser treatment      £60   |    Skin peel      £60

Milia Removal

Speeds up the healing and clears skin.      £60

Wart Removal

Reduces or fully cures the viral infection.      £60


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