Darker Skin Tone Radiofrequency Facial Treatment


Darker Skin Tone Radiofrequency Facial Treatment

We are happy to be able to offer darker skin tone radiofrequency facial treatments. The technology has been in the medical industry for over 45 years and in the Aesthetic industry fairly recently for over 13 years. When you have a darker skin tone, life factors that will influence the success of your treatment safety are more delicate than those without melanin skin types.  However, radiofrequency can be done with the same levels of benefits achieved irrespective of darker tone due to it not triggering melanocytes in the manner that light-based treatments do. The darker skin tone radio frequency facial does more than firm the skin; it stimulates fibroblasts within the skin to create healthier skin tissue which can be seen at the surface level.

Fibroblasts are skin builders.

Fibroblasts have many functions within the skin and play an essential role in homeostasis, metabolism, tissue synthesis, immune response, and others. In the case of skin health, it’s widespread knowledge that they produce collagen fibres that form the skin scaffold. Dermal fibroblasts are part of the wound-healing process and support the skin layers. There are two different types, papillary fibroblasts and reticular fibroblasts. Papillary fibroblasts support the outermost layer of the skin, and reticular fibroblasts care deeper within the skin. The darker skin tone radiofrequency facial treatment initiates the fibroblasts to do what they are best at, building!

What the treatment involves.

We make a medical assessment to ensure radiofrequency is suitable for you and your skin prior to treatment. Your practitioner will clean the skin delicately and use conductive mediums to allow the sound to pass through the skin. Most of our darker skin tone radiofrequency facial treatments are relaxing and soothing, feeling like a massage rather than something that is doing something. Deep within the skin, the sound will shake fibroblasts into action, as radio frequency is sent into the skin. This will cause water molecules to vibrate ever so gently. After treatment, the skin is cleansed, and depending on your skin type, a barrier is applied to protect and soothe the skin.

What can your skin achieve?

Asian, Afro-Caribbean, African, South American, and European high melanin skin types we have treated using radiofrequency have given us feedback that their pigmentation has improved, skin feels softer, pores appearance has reduced, as well as feeling more confident about the health of their skin. Radiofrequency skin treatments have been available in the aesthetic industry since around 2013; the technology is relatively new compared to lasers that have been used widely since the 1990s.  Hence, results can vary, so we offer you the chance to receive benefits individually. Your practitioner will discuss this with you based on your requirements and factors influencing success.

How often can I have it done

If you want an anti ageing darker skin tone radiofrequency facial treatment, please see our generic antiageing facial treatment information, which outlines the manufacturer’s guidelines which include information on a course of sessions initially to be done more frequently. However, if you want the treatment done ad-hoc, feel free or for skin health on average, we advise at least 4-week intervals. Again, your practitioner will make recommendations based on lifestyle factors, safety and health.

If you want to arrange treatment, or treatment trial consultation or have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.