Therapy Room – Standard Operating Procedures


Standard Operating Procedures Therapy Rooms – Invicy Ltd.

Last updated: 30/06/2020

1. Pre-screening (incl. example of what we use at Clear Medical Clinic).
2. Availability of therapy rooms T1 and T2.
3. Ad-hoc charges per hour explained.
4. Pre-booked slot charges explained.
5. Cancellations.
6. Client journey and expectations.
7. Entering and leaving the therapy room – Therapists.
8. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).
9. Insurance and Indemnities.
10. Penalties.

1. Pre-screening.

Therapist Screening:

Prior to making a booking of the therapy rooms, we ask that you submit and receive acceptance of the following:

This form needs to only be submitted to us once, but we ask that you inform us of any changes to it immediately.

We ask that you ask your client/inform them of the following prior to them attending the clinic:

• Have they exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last week?
• Have they been on holiday in the last 4 weeks and if so where?
• Toilet facilities are unavailable at the clinic. Toilets are for staff use only.
• Kitchen drinks/reception facilities are unavailable at the clinic.
• Do not bring luggage and shopping etc. to your appointment (accessories to be kept to a minimum).
• Please bring a pen with you as this may be required, and we are unable to provide one.
• I am aware that I must attend my appointment at the designated time and must have vacated the premises after 55-57 minutes (this is to allow social distancing measures to be carried out safely).

An example of an online prescreening form that is used at Clear Medical Skin Clinic can be found here: (these are relevant to clinical practice procedures – insurers/online government guidance can advise you of what is required of you).

2. Availability of Therapy Rooms T1 and T2

• Tuesday to Thursday 9:50/9:55 am until 7:50/7:55 pm
• Friday 9:50/9:55 am to 5:50/5:55 pm
• Saturday 9:50/9:55 am to 3:50/pm

We endeavour to inform you of the rooms being unavailable or changes to the SOP 4-weeks prior. We reserve the right to make changes with immediate effect in cases of emergencies.

3. Ad-hoc charges per hour explained:

• Before 5:50 pm on any day, the rooms will be charged at £10 per hour and if the client does not Attend (DNA) is £5.
• After 5:50 pm on any day, the rooms have no applicable DNA discount.

4. Pre-booked slot charges explained.

If you would like to rebook your slots on a weekly basis, this can be done at the following rates:
2hrs = £18 3 hrs = £26 4 hrs = £34 5hrs = £42 6 hrs = £50
7 hrs = £58 8 hrs = £66
The allocated slot can be booked by emailing and will commence when pre-booked ad-hoc appointments are not present. They require a 4-week notice of termination. DNA charges are not applicable to these pre-booked slots and you are liable for the amount irrespective of if they are used or not.

5. Cancellations

You can now cancel your booking via a link in the confirmation email that you received when making the booking. If you cancel a booking, it will cancel all of the slots made during that email/session. However, to make cancellations easier – you can still make singular bookings which will allow you to cancel one at a time. If you choose to book various slots during one session, be mindful that canceling one of them can not be done without canceling them all, and will entail rebooking the required slots immediately.

Cancellations that are made on the day will be charged cancellation fees of £5. Please text, call or email us to notify us that it is an LMC (last-minute cancellation).

6. Client journey and expectations.

The client will arrive at their appointment on time and will be either text/called to enter the clinic and guided in some form by their therapist directly to their therapy room. Reception and toilet facilities are unavailable. There will be hand sanitizer available at the entrance of the clinic and in each therapy room.

7. Entering and leaving the therapy room – Therapists.

Toilets are available for staff use only and you are welcome to wash your hands in the kitchen area or in the toilet.
Fridge or cooking facilities are unavailable at the clinic – if staff are in the clinic for prolonged periods, they are asked to bring a packed lunch and their own cup and spoon/drinks for refreshments.
Vacate the premises 3-5 mins prior to the end of your hour/last consecutive hour booking (we have to carry out social distancing – see section 9 below as penalties will be issued if not adhered to, we have cameras filming entry points to the clinic).

Log boards are no longer present in any of the therapy rooms and we ask that you text 07527 296 919 if you need to log a DNA (client did not attend) or LMC (last-minute cancellations).


Any data that is disclosed to any persons relating to the use of the therapy rooms will be kept strictly confidential and if shared with any other persons not relating to this agreement will cause the agreement to be terminated. The occurrence will also lead to prosecution in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679) laws.

9. Insurance and indemnities.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, if you have not done so already, please contact your insurer to ensure that you have the correct policy in place that allows you to return to work.

It is the responsibility of the therapist to be qualified in their field and to keep up with continuous professional development. We also ask that you email us a copy of your professional indemnity and public liability insurance as it renews so that we have copies of these on record.

10. Penalties

If the room that you have booked is not vacated 3 mins to the end of your booking slot you will be issued a £20 penalty per occurrence. (irrespective of if there is someone in after you – this is due to other people being present in the hallway and we have to maintain social distancing for all Therapists and clients visiting the clinic.)

Some of you may be already aware that at times therapists are waiting outside the therapy rooms when another therapist is in a session. We appreciate that talking therapy can sometimes run over and most people are quite accommodating, but in this current new-normal protecting everyone whom visits or works within the premises is part of our SOP (standard operating procedures).


If you have any questions or queries about anything mentioned within these standard operating procedures or would like to discuss a request, please do not hesitate to email or call Nadia and she will assist you.